What is Hydroponics?


Hydroponics definition

The word “hydroponics” is derived from Greek and it’s formed by two words. “Hydro” which means “water” and “Ponos” which means “work”. Growing plants hydroponically means growing vegetables with the only help of the water. Without water, life on earth would not exist and so hydroponics!

Hydroponics Rooting Seedling

In few words, Hydroponics is a method of growing vegetables in a water based, mineral nutrients rich solution.

It is all about enriching water with the very same nutritive salts found in nature. It’s about creating and maintaining a “nutrient solution” that is perfectly balanced for your plants.

Hydro-culture does not use soil. Vegetables roots take all the nutrients needed for the plant directly from the hydroponics nutrients solution (water + mineral nutrients).


How vegetables can grow without the soil mechanical support?

In absence of soil, different kind of soilless medium or hydroponics substrates are utilized by farmers to give their plants a sort of support. Few example of substrates are: Rockwool, Perlite/Vermiculite, Expanded clay pellets, Sand, Gravel, Sawdust, Coconut fiber, Oasis cubes and polyurethane Grow Slabs or polyurethane foam.

If you want to know more about substrates, we compared all these soilless medium in our article here.


Advantages of hydroponics

Plants and vegetables grow quickly and faster compare to growing in soil. This is possible because plants have food and water available all the time. It’s easier to control exactly which nutrients we want to give to our vegetables.

Plants produce bigger harvest in a minor time because they can completely focus on producing their crops rather than producing large roots such as would be needed in soil to seek out water and nutrients.


How Does it Work

There are different ways of growing without soil. We are specialized in the 2 most efficient hydroponics systems: NFT Systems and Aeroponics.

All our systems contain the nutrient solution in a closed circuit. This helps protect it from evaporation and from discharging into our environment. This conservative approach to water management makes our systems an “Earth Friendly Gardening” choice.

Thanks to our NFT system and Aeroponics System You will save up to 90% of water and nutrients compared to soil cultivation. Furthermore, your plants will grow faster, giving you a better harvest. All this respecting the environment and your health as well. With our systems, in fact, you can grow your vegetables without using any pesticide! Remember: You are what you eat!

Let’s see following here how our NFT systems and Aeroponics systems work:

NFT systems (Nutrient Film Technique)

The nutrient solution is pumped into the growing tray – by a submersible pump –  it flows over the roots of the plants, and then drains back into the tank reservoir.

Normally the plants are supported by a soilless medium substrate and the roots are wet by the nutrients solution flow.

nft hydroponics systemNormally a seedling sponge supports the plants (check out our seedling sponge here) and the nutrients solution flow keeps the roots wet. Many growers choose this option for its maintenance simplicity and crops yield quantity. Check our hydroponics systems NFT here! All our systems come to you with assembly instructions and useful tips in order to help you to grow your own vegetables hydroponically!

Aeroponics systems

Aeroponics is the most efficient and high tech version of growing plants hydroponically. The plants roots are hanging in the air and they are misted with the nutrients solution by a submersible pump.  The mist of the solution is done every few minutes. A delay timer controls the water pump.

The vegetables roots are then exposed to air and nutrients solutions continuously trough an on-off cycle during all day. This continuous air-water on-off cycle allow a faster grow of the plants.

In Aeroponics it’s important to choose a specific aeroponics short period repeat timer. Only in this way you will be able to set the most efficient hydroponic watering cycles repeated in an infinite loop, during all day.

Aeroponics Plants grow faster thanks to this technique producing bigger harvests! Check out our Aeroponics kit – ready to grow.

Choose to grow your own vegetables with our hydroponics systems!

Check our shop to discover new growing possibilities! Furthermore, we developed a full guide to explain you how to hydroponics step by step!

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  • Angela Waterford

    Thanks for clarifying that those who do hydroponics use a soilless medium in order to grow their plants properly. I want to grow my own vegetables without using my backyard as my medium, and I’m eager to try out new things since I’m an avid gardening fan. Perhaps I should try buying tools for an indoor vertical hydroponic garden so I can try it out for myself.


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