Easy Hydroponics Seedling Sponge

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Hydroponics Grow sponges are a clean and easy way to grow plants in hydroponics.

Ideal for seed germination, perfect for hydroponics and Aeroponics systems. It comes in 3 sheets package (each sheet has 96 grow sponge plant sites).

Learn how to germinate your seeds with our guide!




Easy Hydroponics Seedling Sponge

You can choose to germinate your seeds directly within the Easy-Hydroponics Seedling Sponge.

Initially just soak the Easy-Hydroponics Seedling Sponge in normal water and rinse it (not too wet – not too dry).

At this point you can put your seed within the sponge. After 2-3 days your seeds will show their roots.

Check out our Hydroponics Nursery seedlings – A guide on how to Germinate Seeds to learn more!

When your plants will grow, you will have to move them in a real hydroponics system. Read our Hydroponics Growing Guide to know everything about Hydroponics!


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