Easy Hydroponics PH Down Corrector


With the Easy-Hydroponics PH Down corrector you can easily lower the Hydroponics solution PH value. Therefore it will super-easy to keep the ideal water PH level for your plants!

Learn more about PH & EC relevance in Hydroponics in our guide!



Easy Hydroponics PH Down Corrector

Easy Hydroponics PH Down Corrector will help you to control the Hydroponics Nutrients Solution PH (acidity) level. Your plants will thank you for this!

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution. It does not use soil. Plants roots take all the nutrients directly from the Hydroponics Nutrients Solution (water + hydroponics nutrients).

The key to success in Hydroponics is the control of conductivity (EC) and acidity (PH) of this solution.

Usually, when you will add nutrients to normal water in order to create the Hydroponics Nutrients Solution, the PH (acidity) level of your solution will tends to raise up.

This is due to the fact you are adding minerals to normal water.

Check out How To Monitor EC and PH in Hydroponics and How to prepare the Hydroponics Nutrients Solution in our guide section.

Thanks to our Easy Hydroponics PH Down corrector it’s super easy to lower the PH value to its optimal level!

Everyone can handle Hydroponics thanks to Easy-Hydroponics!

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