Aeroponics kit – Ready to Grow

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Aeroponics is the most efficient and high tech version of growing plants hydroponically. The plants roots are hanging in the air and they are misted with the hydroponics nutrients solution by a submersible pump. The mist of the solution is done every few minutes. A timer controls the pump.

The root are then exposed to air and nutrients solutions continuously trough an on-off cycle during all day. This allow a faster grow of the plants.

With our Aeroponics Kit – Ready to Grow, you will have everything to start your most efficient plants growth technique at home!

Check out our Manual & guide section to learn more and become an hydroponics expert!

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Aeroponics kit – Ready to Grow

Discover Aeroponics kit – Ready to Grow: the most efficient method to grow plants directly to your home! Reasonable Prices and High Quality are our key points!

Find within our Hydroponics Guide all the tips and tricks to become an Hydroponics guru!

What you will find within the Aeroponics kit – Ready to Grow box?

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