Hydroponics Nutrients Solution

How to prepare the Hydroponics Nutrients Solution:


In order to prepare the most perfect and balanced Hydroponics Nutrients Solution, you will have to mix the Easy-Hydroponics nutrients solution AB in normal water.

In 1 Liter of clean drinking water add 1 ml of Hydroponics nutrient solution A, mix very well the water. Then you can add 1 ml of Hydroponics nutrients solution B.

Don’t add the 2 solution at the same time: this can be dangerous for our plants, because the 2 solutions can combinate together, creating big salts which the plants cannot absorb.


Optimal EC Values in Hydroponics


At this point check the EC of the water with our Easy-Hydroponics PH-EC Meter.

Keep the EC value between:

  • 0.4 and 0.8 mS/cm (400-800 μS/cm or between 200ppm – 400ppm) for little plants just rooted
  • 0.8 and 1.8 mS/cm (800-1800 μS/cm or between 400ppm – 900ppm) for plants in growing stage
  • 0.4 and 0.8 mS/cm (400-800 μS/cm or between 200ppm – 400ppm) for plants in flowering stage

If the EC value is larger then these suggested levels, simply add clean water in order to reduce it.

If the EC value is too low, this means you will need to add more hydroponics nutrients solution.


Optimal PH Values in Hydroponics


When your water is correctly mixed with the Easy-Hydroponics nutrients solution AB and you’ve checked the EC value – it’s time to check the PH of the solution you’ve just created.

Keep the PH around 5.5 – 6.5 : plants in hydroponics like this kind of solution acidity.

If the PH is too high, use our Easy-Hydroponics PH down corrector to reach this value.

Once your solution is perfectly balanced, you can add it into the nursery tray (if you are within the germination/seedling stage) or your hydroponics system or aeroponic system (if your plants are already within the growing stage).


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