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Germination Process

Germination process indicates the evolution of seeds into new plants. Several factors can affect this stage. Learn with us how to cultivate your seeds!


Reproduction in plants

Plants reproduce using pollen and ovaries. In the specific: male plants produce pollen which fertilize ovaries in female plants. Fertilized ovaries develop then into seeds. Seeds store carbohydrates and proteins which will represent the food for the new plants. When the seed reach its location (transported by the wind or animals) the germination process starts!


Factors affecting seed germination

Several factors influence seeds germination process. Water is the most important because activates root growth. When the seed is still underground, it cannot use sunlight to produce food. So, it has to utilize the stored  carbohydrates and proteins inside the seed itself.

If the soil is too dry, there will be not enough oxygen and the seed will not grow. On the other side, if the soil is too wet, the seed will die because too much humidity will cause rottenness.

Temperature is another important factor. Some seeds germinate when it is cold. Other seeds only germinate when the weather reaches hottest temperatures.

Germination seeds will be successful only if we will find a good balance between all these aspects. Learn in this following article how to germinate your seeds!

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