Advantages of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing vegetables in a water based, mineral nutrients rich solution.

It is all about enriching water with the very same nutritive salts found in nature. It’s about creating and maintaining a “nutrient solution” that is perfectly balanced for your plants.
Hydroponics does not use soil.

Vegetables roots take all the nutrients needed for the plant directly from the hydroponics nutrients solution (water + mineral nutrients).

When it comes to setting up a hydroponic system there are several key factors that should play into your decision.

Let’s here following the advantages of Hydroponics and also some important points to take care about when you decide to grow your own vegetables hydroponically.

Advantages of hydroponics

  • With hydroponics systems, plants and vegetables grow quickly and faster compare to growing in soil. This is possible because plants have food and water available all the time. It’s easier to control exactly which nutrients we want to give to our vegetables.
  • Plants produce bigger harvest in a minor time because they can completely focus on producing their crops rather than producing large roots such as would be needed in soil to seek out water and nutrients.
  • Since there is no soil, with hydroponics we eliminate soil’ pest, fungi and diseases. This eliminates or reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides. Reduction of health risks and labour costs associated with pest management and soil care.
  • No soil preparation is required.
  • You can grow anywhere and raise the number of your yields per year.
  • One in nine people in the world today are undernourished. We are talking about ca. 795 million people. Furthermore, with a growing population in the world, more and more food need to be produced every year. We can use hydroponic technology to help grow more and better food.
  • All our hydroponic systems contain the nutrient solution in a closed system. This helps protect it from evaporation and from discharging into our environment. This conservative approach to water management makes our hydroponics systems an “Earth Friendly Gardening” choice.
  • Thanks to our NFT system and Aeroponics System You will save up to 90% of water and nutrients compared to soil cultivation. Furthermore, your plants will grow faster, giving you a better harvest. All this respecting the environment and your health as well. With our systems, in fact, you can grow your vegetables without using any pesticide!


Disadvantages of hydroponics:

  • The main disadvantage of hydroponics regards technical expertise and constant monitor of the hydroponics nutrients solution. But don’t worry! Thanks to our how to hydroponics guide you will learn exactly what to do, step by step!
  • Hydroponic systems are vulnerable to power outages.  In the event of a power outage that outlasts your generators you will have to manually watering your garden.
  • You will have to recognize immediately plants diseases to avoid water-based micro-organisms spread out easily in your hydroponic system.


The Key to Success in Hydroponics

The key to success in Hydroponics is to monitor the conductivity (EC) and acidity (pH) of the Hydroponics nutrients solution which you will use to feed your own vegetables.

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