Hydroponics Store Chiang Mai Thailand

Hydroponics Store Chiang Mai Thailand

Welcome to easy-hydroponics store!

We are an hydroponics store specialized on professional range of articles for no-soil cultivation and gardening such as hydroponics systems, fertilizers, nutrients and everything necessary to grow your own vegetables!

Easy-hydroponics.com is an online hydroponics equipment supplier (located in Chiang Mai – Thailand) specialized on different hydroponics system types such as hydroponic nft systems and aeroponics.

Within our manual and guide section you will find the best guides, assembly instructions and many useful resources to grow your vegetables with our hydroponics systems.

With Easy Hydroponics everyone can handle Hydroponics! We focused all our efforts to keep prices at a reasonable level, delivering to you the best quality products!

We ship our products in Thailand and worldwide! Select your products in our shop and add them to your cart. You will be able to see the products sub-total cost and the shipping costs (which it will depends from your country and from the products weight).

We do provide worldwide shipping tracking, so you can check anytime where your order is. Please check our faqs to learn more about shipping and payment methods accepted.


Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponics and Aeroponics are modern, clean and efficient techniques to grow plants. You can save up to 90% of water and nutrients compared to soil cultivation. Furthermore your plants will grow faster, giving you a better harvest (compared to soil cultivation). All this respecting the environment and your health as well. With our hydroponics systems, in fact, you can grow your vegetables without using any pesticide!

The key to success with hydroponics is the control of conductivity (EC) and acidity (pH) of the hydroponic nutrients solution which you will use to grow your own vegetables.

Cultivating in hydroponics is the best compromise to achieve great results in a small space! Much easier than growing plants in soil!

Check out our hydroponics store to discover our hydroponics supplies and learn today how to hydroponics with us!


Hydroponics Store Chiang Mai Thailand